Over this summer session we discussed Computer Mediated Discourse, Critical Thinking and Soft Systems Methodology.  I enjoyed the class demonstrations and learned a lot from the research articles.  I really worked at trying to understand and figure out how to apply these methodologies, but I kept feeling like it didn’t fit for me. 

Eventually I started wondering why I took this class, this was all very interesting, but I felt way off course from where I wanted to go.  So, I sat down and thought about what I wanted to get out of this experience; meaning this class, and the rest of my PhD course work.  Overall what I wanted to learn has not changed, but the direction I was letting myself go in was not the right direction to achieve my goals.  This led me to think about what I needed to do, to get there.

As soon as I made those self-discoveries everything started falling into place.  I was applying some of our class demonstrations, and what I was reading to my idea and slowly the concept started growing into something more tangible.  Then we started researching a qualitative method of our choice.  I started Googling key word combinations related to my desired direction and stumbled across Cognitive Mapping Methodology.  I read about it, looked for examples of maps and am still building my own map.   I can safely say this will be incorporated into my study.

I have a lot more research to do about video game and cognition, design elements and theoretical underpinnings to support my expectations.  Of course, I am just starting research for the actual game content, and am very excited to start playing with the overall game design.

It is funny how I was questioning my choice to take this class, and now I can’t imagine making any progress with out it.

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