Reflections on learning systems

One systems topic that I was eager to dig into was the analysis. We started this in class by diagramming the system.  Identifying all the faucets of the system and how they connect, making the complexity less daunting.  As we talked through the demonstration in class the diagram started out very basic, but as each element was added with a range of related elements, and then connected to existing diagram elements, it quickly became massive.  The visual aspect of diagramming makes it easier to identify connections within the system. 

When we broke off into small groups to create a conceptual diagram, we decided to create a rich description of influences for Stephen Hawking’s life, based on the movie The Theory of Everything (2014).  What’s interesting is we had a hard time remembering all of the details from the movie, however as we diagramed one aspect of the movie it just led us to the next topic.

After completing the diagramming activities in class, I am eager to analyze my system of interest, which asks the question, does anyone learn from instructional design in the workplace.  I do foresee a few challenges.  First, as I work through the system and processes for corporate instructional design, I would include the parts of the process that I am engaged in.  Other parts of the process will require interviewing others to fill in those gaps.  The right questions need to be asked to get complete and unbiased responses.  Another challenge is other systems influence my system of study.  Those systems need to be identified, as well as any connections, and put into perspective with the whole system.

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