About me

Hi, I’m Anita Knox. After 15+ years doing web & graphic design, creative concepting and problem solving I decided to use my masters and work as an Instructional Designer. Only no one knew what that was, and it was impossible finding a job. Over the last 12 years I contracted and gained valuable experience and eventually found a career. Corporations are finally seeing a need for Instructional Designers, however I still don’t think anyone knows what I actually do.

As an Instructional Designer I found that I could create fun and visually pleasing learning experiences, but always wondered if anyone was actually learning anything. My questions compiled when I considered if any cognitive changes actually happened. Then I considered how delivery using technology influenced working memory, knowledge transfer, and retrieval.

This is when I decided it was time to dig deeper. Now a PhD Student, in the Learning Technologies program at the University of North Texas. This site has work from my studies, blog posts, epiphanies, and creative ideas.

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