About me

Hi, I’m Anita Knox. After 15+ years of doing web & graphic design, creative concepting, creative writing, leadership, and problem solving I decided to use my masters and work as an Instructional Designer. At the time of this decision no one knew what that was, and it was impossible finding a job. I contracted for several years and gained valuable experience, eventually finding a job, now working as an ID for 13+ years.

My creative background, combined with my ID skills gives me the tools to create fun and visually pleasing learning experiences. Yes, it looks beautiful but is anyone actually learning anything? My questions began to compile. Are cognitive changes happening during the learning process? How would I even measure that? Then I considered how delivery using technology influenced learning processes like working memory, knowledge transfer, and retrieval.

It was time to dig deeper and answer some of my questions. I enrolled in the PhD Learning Technologies program at the University of North Texas. This site has work from my studies, blog posts, epiphanies, and creative ideas. My interests lie in game-based learning and cognitive processing. However, my work has explored a vast array of topics, including Instructional design. Let’s face it, even though I do this for a living no one really knows what I contribute beyond content.

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