Technology-based Creative Works

Course work

LTEC 6310 Digital game-based learning

Game Design: Small groups were formed to design a game. This design originated with brainstorming sessions. Once a topic and general outline was in place, we each completed sections.  In the end we pulled it together filling in any details needed to flow through the game design.

LTEC 6240 Artificial Intelligence

Infographic: Research an AI related technology and create an infographic with top ten developments in this technology. 

LTEC 6510 Introduction to Research

Game design: Our research topic studied the influence of stored color knowledge in game-based learning.  Two games were designed, both having a park scene with people and three hidden objects.  The difference between games is one used natural color, and the other had a disruptive color scheme applied.  This game was built in Adobe Captivate, and published on SCORMCloud for testing.


Work responsibilities include developing custom training. This requires analysis of customer needs, identifying learning gaps and recommending a learning plan. Click here for an example of the process and final product.