Scholarly Writing

Ali, Z. and Knox, A. (2021), Gaming leadership development with multi-rater assessment. Perf Improvement Qrtly, 34, 279-302.

Knox, A. (2022, April, 11-15). Engage, motivate, excite with gamification [Paper presentation]. Proceedings of Society of Information for Teacher Education, SITE 2022: 33rd Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, United States.

Knox, A. (2022) Game-based learning design optimized for cognitive load. (Manuscript submitted) In Reimagining Education: Studies and Stories for Effective Learning Practices in an Evolving Digital Society. Springer.

Course Writing

Numerous samples of writing can be found in the blog (blog posts)

LTEC6250 Educational Systems Theory, Analysis, Planning, and Evaluation
First part of a three-part assignment, which entailed analyzing how instructional designers are used in organizational processes.  Based on personal experience, and literature review.  Future plans for more in-depth literature review, and research to analyze and identify solutions.
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LTEC6020: Advanced Instructional Design
Assignment to was to write a short summary and critique of a design model or learning theory. This paper looked at backwards design.
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LTEC 6030: Emerging Technology in Education. 
Assignments was to address if I believe AI can replace me?
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