I am interested in employment in Instructional Design Management, Learning & Development or related. My vast skill set, years of experience, and education make me an ideal candidate for the right organization.

The first fifteen years of my career, in advertising design, included creative concepting for national campaigns and full development for web and print mediums. This chapter in my career gave me software skills, further developed my creative problem-solving skills, enhanced my ability to brainstorm efficiently and offered leadership experience, since I managed a team.

After completing my masters in Instructional Design and Technology I began taking on project work and transitioning into my new career. I have been working as an Instructional Designer for the past 13+ years. Since this was a relatively new career path, I took every project I could get to gain experience. I have worked with a variety of industries creating new course content, transforming traditional courses into eLearning, and improving processes. I can work with customers to determine needs, identify learning gaps and offer learning solutions to their challenges, processes or problems. I have managed projects, timelines and am budget conscious. Although I can handle the entire project from start to finish, I can also collaborate with others and have experience delegating and mentoring.

I have experience as adjunct faculty, teaching web design at a local community college. My initial intention was to round out my skills by adding the perspective of faculty. Unlike typical university students my classes were filled with working individuals that were trying to rejob or raise themselves up. I ended up rewriting the class to make it a more personalized learning experience. Students spent the semester learning how to code HTML & CSS, while creating a portfolio ready website.

In addition to my experience, I am currently a PhD student in the University of North Texas, Learning Technologies program. I have studied emerging technologies, theories, and how learning happens to name a few things. This educational journey has given me an opportunity to grow and fine tune my instructional design skills and broaden my perspective. My dissertation topic is measuring cognitive load in game-based learning.

I look forward to discussing opportunities where I can contribute my experience, grow, and help you meet organizational goals.


Anita Knox